Reclaimed Slate Pet Portraits

Cat Square Slate Portrait

Reclaimed Slate Pet Portraits

Slate- Each slate is unique in colour and character so you can choose from a selection. We cut our slates into square, rectangular or organic and rustic shapes to suit you. Your cat, dog or hamster painting will be ready to hang floating about 1 inch from the wall and can be any shape you would like. Please add in the approximate size for an organic shape slate in the box below.

What to do: Just send me a few photographs of your furry (or scaly!) friend including the one you would like me to paint using the upload buttons below or via email if you would prefer Photographs must be of good quality...the clearer the better showing the animal in their true colours!

Plus, if there is anything you would like me to add to the painting, for example your dogs favourite ball or a snippet of foliage from his favourite spot in the garden then I can do it!

NB: Prices for organic shape portraits are painted in approx paper sizes, A5, A4. Square and A3 sizes are currently unavailable

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