Reclaimed Slate Paintings

My reclaimed slate artworks have a unique and special feel. The slate itself has a character and colour of it own where nature has left its own markings and texture. Each slate is chosen with the subject matter in mind, no two the same and each with different colours and markings. I select the right slate for the painting from reclaimed roof tile and architectural salvage. My painting inspiration comes from nature itself making her painting upon slate a beautiful match. Once the slate painting has been completed I finish my work by spraying the slate with a matt varnish and by doing so brings out the beautiful natural colours of the slate and the fine details of the brushwork. Designed to hang approx 1 inch from the wall my slate paintings look fantastic in rustic, modern and chic settings.

Live / Waney Edge Wood Paintings

**Exciting new work** -my interest of painting onto natural and raw materials has led me to experiment with wood as my canvas. Wood has energy, a grain and so many interesting markings, colours and shapes that make each piece unique. My first wood painting was 'Coming Home' a barn owl about to land onto her branch with her landscape backdrop. The wood slab was spalted horse chestnut and it is these spalting marks that inspired my subject. The piece was very popular at last years Oak Fair where I returned to exhibit my art again after some time away.


Kingfisher Yew

Vibrant and eye catching.. my kingfisher is hand painted onto Yew wood slice. The unique colour of the Yew wood lends itself to the opposing cool blue...
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Curly horned Ram on Mantel with booksNew

Curly Horned Ram

Detailed, woolly and standing firm!  My Ram is painted onto reclaimed slate with acrylic and finished with a Matt Windsor and Newton protecter spray. ...
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'Waddle' SOLD

Indian Runner Duck Handpainted Original Acrylic Reclaimed Slate, Ready to hang - Please note that this is a very heavy  4kg slate!30 x 60 x 2.5cm
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Albus SOLD

Albus is an Original painting on Spalted Horse chestnut woodIt beautiful live edge and spalting marks create a stunning backdrop of my detailed work67...
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